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Christ In Me

2015 - The Year of Knowing Christ Jesus In Me - Dead, Buried, Raised, and Seated...

Welcome to you! We trust you will be enriched in your Christian life through our humble offerings. The deeper Christian life is for all believers in Jesus Christ who hear the call of their Father to go further and come deeper into Him. Are you sensing the need for more of God in your life? Is there something missing? Are you not satisfied with things? The Lord Himself is calling you to a more precise intimacy and communion with Him so you may come to know Him not just as the Life but your life. Please enjoy your visit and quench your thirst for His living presence and divine glory in you. Dr. Bill Stephenson

Need encouragement? Seeking rest in the Lord? Heard about the true gospel recently? Listen now to beautiful worship with your host Bill Stephenson. Webcasting 24/7 around the globe...

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Multitudes worldwide are discovering the beauty and majesty of His glorious presence and His cross through Life Radio/Television. Last count we’ve heard from 180+ countries and all 50 United States. Sit back and relax as you continue your journey into the very depths of God our Father Himself...

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